All interior related products.

Electrostatic film

Electrostatic film is a self-adhesive, soft and flexible PVC film.
It's available in many different patterns, from classic to very modern.

Main characteristics are:

  • high tear resistance
  • dimensional stability
  • easy to reposition
  • clean after removal
  • good UV-resistance
  • clings securely to clean glass, enamel and polished surfaces by its static electricity, without the use of adhesives

Table cloth film

This film is made of high quality PVC and can be cleaned easily. The PVC cloth is used as table cover to protect your table from stains or marks.

Our collection offers the perfect combination between reliability and contemporary designs. Depending on the volume, we can offer:

  • single- or multi-colour
  • single or double layer
  • with non-woven
  • textile backing or without

Christmas tree needle

The needles are made in a great variety of natural colours, thicknesses and shapes (star) ideal for the production of almost all natural Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.

Apart from a wide range of standard 'natural' colours, we can produce the needles also in most nonstandard colours, based upon your colour samples.

Window sill film

This PVC decorative film is especially developed to offer a high mechanical durability factor, resistant to chemical agents and easy to laminate.

PTMC can offer various types of window sill:

Wall panel film

Our basic range of wall panel film consists of white or pastel-coloured panels.. How ever, if you need a specific design, please do contact us.Their surface can be single-coloured or with a wood grain, marble or mosaic effect.

The print is protected with a special transparent paint layer resistant to wear, washing, and aggressive agents such as detergents.

All wall-panel films can be protected by an extra protective film, that guarantees our high quality standards.

Furniture film

We offer a complete range of high performance films to produce carved doors, floor tiles, woodgrain plates and other elegant and beautiful decoration materials.

Qualitative solutions, characterized by combustion resistance, impact resistance, and easy processing for every application of decoration, in uni-colors as well as in wood or other printings and embossings.

UV resistant film

This Rigid U.V.-stable PVC film is developed for regular or longterm outdoor usage and guarantees no colour change over a period of 5 to 10 years, depending from the country of destination.

Again in a great variety of natural colours, thicknesses and surface finish which make this film ideal for the production of natural Christmas trees and especially hedges.

Rainbow iridescent film

Rainbow iridescent films are a unique range of decorative plastic films which show a brilliant display of color without the use of pigments or dyes.

Intense iridescent color is created in these films through the phenomenon of light interference, which is the source of the resplendent color found in mother-of-pearl, opals and peacock feathers.

Effect variations can be achieved by lamination of the film to a black or white background, a colored or transparent background (clear plastic, glass), embossing the film, overprinting the film, etc.

Metalized film

Metalized film, mainly used for Christmas decoration, tinsel garlands and confetti, can be made from clear or transparent colored rigid PVC film and is available in numerous colors and surface finishes.

The film gets aluminum spray on one side under vacuum process and eventually extra color coating on one or both sides, depending on the customers' specifications.

Lampshade film

This rigid PVC film is one of the most sophisticated and technical films because of its high impact resistance, perfect layflat, optical white color, UV stability and antistatic treatment!

Its high impact and perfect layflat enable perfect diecut into various shapes of lampshade and easy laminating with any kind of textile.