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all cards and stationary related plastic products

Printing film

To meet our customers' demand with regards to printability of both limited and big series and to highly sophisticated applications, we can produce the right film for offset, inkjet and for laser printing.

These rigid PVC films have been specially treated on the surface to create a fine grain, suitable for printing. They also have curve resistance, high impact resistance and excellent laminability.

Our films can go through the vacuum forming process to produce 3-dimensional advertisements or 3-dimensional sign boards.

Playing card film

This type of rigid PVC film has especially been treated on its surface, to create a fine grain, which implies a high performance on front and back printing.

This card film is high impact resistance, curve resistance, and has excellent laminability. In combination with a very strict control of tolerances in all material characteristics, an ideal film for playing cards.

Stationary film

Our office films are available in numerous surface finishes, color variations and grades of softness (PHR).

This product is suitable for a wide variety of office and organization products, such as :

  • overhead projector sheets
  • book covers
  • spiral binding system
  • filing systems
  • placemats
  • ...

Card film

PTMC developed a high-quality very homogeneous PVC sheet to meet card producers’ very high standards in laminating, printing and cutting.

Our range of card films offers you the best solution for the production of any type of card - loyalty cards, bank cards, SIM-cards or contactless cards.