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Plastic films

cards / stationary

Card film
PTMC developed a high-quality very homogeneous PVC sheet to meet card producers’ very high standards in laminating, printing and cutting.

Our range of card films offers you the best solution for the production of any type of card - loyalty cards, bank cards, SIM-cards or contactless cards.

Playing card film
This type of rigid PVC film has especially been treated on its surface, to create a fine grain, which implies a high performance on front and back printing.

This card film is high impact resistance, curve resistance, and has excellent laminability. In combination with a very strict control of tolerances in all material characteristics, an ideal film for playing cards.

Printing film
To meet our customers' demand with regards to printability of both limited and big series and to highly sophisticated applications, we can produce the right film for offset, inkjet and for laser printing.

These rigid PVC films have been specially treated on the surface to create a fine grain, suitable for printing. They also have curve resistance, high impact resistance and excellent laminability.

Our films can go through the vacuum forming process to produce 3-dimensional advertisements or 3-dimensional sign boards.

Stationary film
Our office films are available in numerous surface finishes, color variations and grades of softness (PHR).

This product is suitable for a wide variety of office and organization products, such as :
  • overhead projector sheets
  • book covers
  • spiral binding system
  • filing systems
  • placemats
  • ...


Christmas tree film
This Rigid PVC Film is made in a great variety of natural colours, thicknesses and surface finish (glossy or mat or embossed which make this film ideal for the production of almost all natural Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.

Apart from a wide range of standard 'natural' colours, we produce this film also in any other nonstandard colour, based upon your colour samples.

Hedge film
This Rigid U.V.-resistant film is developed for regular or longterm outdoor usage and guarantees no colour change over a period of 5 to 10 years, depending from the country of destination.

A great variety of natural colours, thicknesses and surface finish are available which make this film ideal for the production of hedges.

Pool liner film
Our premium Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners are made from the finest virgin vinyl available in strict accordance with international standards. Our collection offers the perfect combination between reliability and contemporary designs, with a large variety of pool liners, created in different designs, colors and prints.

Our pool liner is incredibly easy to assemble, thereby guaranteeing quick and simple implementation. Moreover, our products offer protection against solar exposure, chemical degradation and reduce thermal conduction, guaranteeing many long years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

Projector screen film
PTMC manufactures unique projection screens to accommodate every business requirement and setting.

With a variety of screen surfaces, gain and ambient light screen products to select from, we can provide a projection screen solution for every business application. Including corporate settings, education, government offices, manufacturing facilities and the entertainment industry.

Selecting the right combination to meet your needs is important for optimum results.

Roof liner film
Our roofing membranes are suitable for a wide range of roofing applications and are available in several thicknesses and configurations. The roof liners comply not only with strict non-flammability specifications, but outperform most standards, environmental resistance and strength, preventing from stretching or shrinking.

Roofing membranes from PTMC are developed to provide steady integrity and years of long-lasting protection.

Our Tarpaulin film has been developed to provide a range of highly durable protective covers at cost effective prices.

They are made from a super-strong tight weave of polyethylene. Waterproof and rot proof, these tarpaulin sheets are suitable for a wide range of applications both indoors and out:
  • covering trucks or boats
  • use in agricultural, industrial and construction till decorating
  • protecting your floor or furniture from paint
  • ...
The film is available in different colors and weights. It is even printable with large format printer


Adhesive tape
This Rigid film is specifically designed to be used as backing in the production of adhesive tapes. Thanks to the specific raw materials used and the special calendering process, the film has excellent mechanical properties with high tensile strength.

We offer a very broad range of single and double-coated tapes with acrylic solvent and water-based adhesive, natural and synthetic rubber adhesive, as well as silicone adhesive.

It is available in different thicknesses for each type of requirement.

Botlle cap film
This Rigid Shrink film is specifically designed to be used in the production of bottle caps and mainly wine capsules.

It has perfect mechanical properties with high performance for automatic packaging machines.

The bottle cap film can easily be printed and comes in a wide range of colours. This allows you to create custom high quality caps, to help you to get extra attention on the shelfs.

Packaging film
Categorization of this film would lead us too far here, but it can be roughly divided into the following groups: NON-FOOD & FOOD.

The applications are almost unlimited and new processes and film types are being developed constantly.

Pharmaceutical film
Blister pack is a term for several types of pre-formed plastic packaging used for pharmaceuticals.

The primary component of a blister pack is a cavity or pocket made from a formable web, usually a thermoformed PVC film. This usually has a backing of paperboard or a lidding seal of aluminum foil laminated with a plastic, usually PVC.

Blister packs are useful for protecting the product against external factors such as humidity and contamination for extended periods of time.
Opaque blisters also protect sensitive products against daylight.

The principal advantages of PVC are the low cost and the ease of thermoforming. It also protects against moisture ingress and oxygen ingress. Typical values for the Water Vapor. Transmission Rate (WVTR or MVTR) of a 250µ PVC film are around 3.0 g/m2/day measured at 38 °C/90%RH and the Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) is around 20 mL/m2/day.

PVC blisters offer structural rigidity and physical protection for the pharmaceutical dosage form. On the other hand, the blister cavity must remain accessible by the push-through effect and the formed web may not be too hard to collapse when pressed upon; for this reason the PVC sheet thickness is typically chosen of 250 µ.

PTMC delivers both PVC films for the clamshells as well as the lamination films (60 µ)

Protection film
We understand that you can have different surfaces that need temporary protection:
  • plastic and aluminum windows
  • aluminum plates
  • painted/ unpainted metal sheets
  • stainless steel products
Our protection film is designed to provide residue free surface protection under the most demanding applications. All protective films are easy to apply, Stickiness goes from low till very high for hard surfaces.

Different colors are available from transparent, transparent blue to black & white. Coated with water based or solvent based acrylic adhesive.

This Rigid PVC Film, produced in rolls or sheets, is especially designed for thermoforming and vacuum forming applications.

This film is anti-static, UV resistant, high impact and chemical resistant. And in combination with an excellent processing ability, our thermoforming film is ideal for:
  • forming blisters
  • containers
  • trays and packing boxes
  • toys
  • tools
  • chocolate and biscuits packaging


Christmas tree needle
The needles are made in a great variety of natural colours, thicknesses and shapes (star) ideal for the production of almost all natural Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.

Apart from a wide range of standard 'natural' colours, we can produce the needles also in most nonstandard colours, based upon your colour samples.

Electrostatic film
Electrostatic film is a self-adhesive, soft and flexible PVC film.
It's available in many different patterns, from classic to very modern.

Main characteristics are:
  • high tear resistance
  • dimensional stability
  • easy to reposition
  • clean after removal
  • good UV-resistance
  • clings securely to clean glass, enamel and polished surfaces by its static electricity, without the use of adhesives

Furniture film
We offer a complete range of high performance films to produce carved doors, floor tiles, woodgrain plates and other elegant and beautiful decoration materials.

Qualitative solutions, characterized by combustion resistance, impact resistance, and easy processing for every application of decoration, in uni-colors as well as in wood or other printings and embossings.

Glitter film
Made by precise, single phase cut hexagonal shaped chips uniformly incorporated into an acrylic adhesive and bonded to a perfectly smooth body coloured pvc surface. This results in a visually dynamic array of glittering light, colour and motion.

This film is used in a wide range of decorative and functional applications:
  • gift wrapping
  • shopping bag
  • gift box

Holographic film
Holographic films are very thin and flexible plastic films that have been micro-embossed with holographic images or patterns. These images or patterns provide a 3-D effect and spectral colouring. During the embossing process, several tiny grooves are placed into the surface of the film at different angles and in different shapes, which ultimately cause the diffraction of regular white light into spectral colouring.

Our comprehensive range of holographic films is made up of different substrates, including BOPP, polyester, PVC, etc. Holographic films are commonly used for:
  • printing
  • giftwraps
  • packaging
  • lamination
  • stickers

Lampshade film
This rigid PVC film is one of the most sophisticated and technical films because of its high impact resistance, perfect layflat, optical white color, UV stability and antistatic treatment!

Its high impact and perfect layflat enable perfect diecut into various shapes of lampshade and easy laminating with any kind of textile.

Optical white color, combined with UV stability and antistatic treatment guarantee the long lifetime of the lampshade. Lampshade film can also be made as transparent film with frosted surface and in a variety of pastel colors, specially developed for home decoration.

Metalized film
Metalized film, mainly used for Christmas decoration, tinsel garlands and confetti, can be made from clear or transparent colored rigid PVC film and is available in numerous colors and surface finishes.

The film gets aluminum spray on one side under vacuum process and eventually extra color coating on one or both sides, depending on the customers' specifications.

Rainbow iridescent film
Rainbow iridescent films are a unique range of decorative plastic films which show a brilliant display of color without the use of pigments or dyes.

Intense iridescent color is created in these films through the phenomenon of light interference, which is the source of the resplendent color found in mother-of-pearl, opals and peacock feathers.

Effect variations can be achieved by lamination of the film to a black or white background, a colored or transparent background (clear plastic, glass), embossing the film, overprinting the film, etc.

Stretched ceiling film
This film is a PVC based fully recyclable stretch membrane. It is made from a special polyvinyl chloride base that is guaranteed to be cadmium-free. The material is available in almost any color.

Finishes including Mat, Satin, High Gloss (mirror effect) and Translucent (lighting diffusers). The material can be printed or painted for additional effects, is 100% waterproof and washable.

In addition to ceilings, this film may also be used to create wall applications, wall murals, 3-D panels or freestanding features. It can be given virtually any shape.

Table cloth film
This film is made of high quality PVC and can be cleaned easily. The PVC cloth is used as table cover to protect your table from stains or marks.

Our collection offers the perfect combination between reliability and contemporary designs. Depending on the volume, we can offer:
  • single- or multi-colour
  • single or double layer
  • with non-woven
  • textile backing or without

Textile stretched ceiling film
This is a polyester fabric with polyurethane (PU) coating, which is eco-friendly.

Large spaces up to five meters can be covered seamlessly by this fabric ceiling. The installation does not require heating of the room air.

Other benefits are its high durability, its air permeability and its strength; it doesn’t rip. The material can be printed or painted for additional effects.

In addition to ceilings, this fabric may also be used to create wall applications, wall murals, 3-D panels or freestanding features. It can be given virtually any shape.

UV resistant film
This Rigid U.V.-stable PVC film is developed for regular or longterm outdoor usage and guarantees no colour change over a period of 5 to 10 years, depending from the country of destination.

Again in a great variety of natural colours, thicknesses and surface finish which make this film ideal for the production of natural Christmas trees and especially hedges.

Wall panel film
Our basic range of wall panel film consists of white or pastel-coloured panels.. How ever, if you need a specific design, please do contact us.Their surface can be single-coloured or with a wood grain, marble or mosaic effect.

The print is protected with a special transparent paint layer resistant to wear, washing, and aggressive agents such as detergents.

All wall-panel films can be protected by an extra protective film, that guarantees our high quality standards.

Window sill film
This PVC decorative film is especially developed to offer a high mechanical durability factor, resistant to chemical agents and easy to laminate.

PTMC can offer various types of window sill:
  • single layer films
  • double-layer films
  • unicolor
  • printed
  • ...
Next to this wide range of patterns, colours and thicknesses; dyeing and tailoring the band width can be developed according to the customer's requirements.

All window sill films can be protected by an extra protective film that guarantees our high quality standards.